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Juvenile activist to be executed - TAKE ACTION Juvenile activist to be executed - TAKE ACTION
Saudi Arabia is among the top three executioners in the world.

The number of lives lost to this cruel and inhumane practice will continue to rise unless we stand united against the death penalty.

THE FACTS ABOUT SAUDI ARABIA: 1 person is executed every 2 days | Over 130 people executed this year | Executions are often public
We now have an opportunity to save a young life before it's too late...

Ali al-Nimr is facing execution for offences he allegedly committed when he was just 17 years old.

Police arrested Ali and then tortured him to secure a signed confession. His offences were demonstrating against the government, attacking security forces and possessing a weapon.

Not only was Ali's investigation and trial unfair, but he wasn’t allowed to see his lawyer. Facing the real prospect of death, he has now exhausted all appeals and has no one to turn to but us.

Demand that the Saudi Arabian Ambassador and the President of the Human Rights Commissioner take all necessary steps to ensure Ali’s safety and stop the use of the death penalty.


World Day Against the Death Penalty is coming up! Demand an end to the death penalty

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